Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Personality Test

So I had to take the Myers-­Briggs‐type Test [Jung Typology Test]: for my Library Administration class and I decided to reflect on it here. When you finish reading my post you should take the test, too, then post your results in the comments. You can find the explanations for all of the personality types here.
I  took a screenshot of my results.

I was identified as an INFJ. Introvert (89%) iNtuitive (25%) Feeling (12%) Judging (33%). The percentages don’t surprise me much, because often on personality tests, I don’t score a strong preference in either direction except for Introversion v. Extroversion. Usually, my scores are fairly mild. Based on the description of the INFJ, I’d have to say that the results closely align with how I
see myself to be. As I read the profile. I nodded and said, “Yep. That’s how I am.” Now for some of the questions, I felt boxed in by the either/or choices, but I found myself responding differently to some of the situations posed. Quite a few of the possible career fields that were listed for the INFJ are ones that I have considered or have been in. 

Some of the strengths that I gathered from the analysis are:
  • I can look at situations and offer unbiased insights into others motivations. 
  • I have strong personal charisma and can be extroverted at times. 
  • I have strong communication skills in language and fluency (especially on paper).
  • I would be loyal to a select few.
  • I will deal with personal and organizational demands of others often, which may also be a negative (because sometimes I can’t say no).

Some of the weaknesses are:
  • I can be empathetic to a fault, but there are times that I will not express my own feelings on subjects because I can’t quite wrap my mind around them.
  • I may have an internal conflict between hard logic and creative arts because of the nature of both ideas of thought.
  • I would tend to be suspicious of others motives at first, even if they are not bad.
  • I can be so introverted to the point that I may withdraw and not want to deal with others. 

This profile gives me a lot of potential as a “servant leader.” It says that I could have a place in higher education and other “inspirational” fields, but I can’t be pigeonholed there. I would be drawn to jobs that involve intellectual work, caring for other people, or creativity. I would be someone to look to when it comes to building a strong system based on human capital. I can make things happen and will do so without needing glorification or attention for it. I would be an idealist who would also want to “do” in order to carry out the vision. I would say that sometimes my introversion limits how effective I can be. I just don’t say what I need to say because I don’t want to put myself out there.

So! Are you ready to take the test? What are your results? 
Post them in the comments box below.

Update: Here's a MARVEL Myers-Briggs graphic that someone shared with me on Facebook.
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