Sunday, February 23, 2014

Audio Storytelling

I feel like the smallest challenge I had with Assignment 3 was finding a story that I wanted to tell. I got a few good suggestions about what other people might want to hear

I had wrote out several scripts, but I couldn’t get excited about any of them. So I thought about some stories that I’ve had fun telling before and this was one of them. Once I came to a decision, writing out my script came easily. I timed myself to make sure it fit within the guidelines and scheduled an appointment to record at the Production House. One of the guys who worked there showed me how to record in the studio and edit out long pauses and unintentional sound effects like the door slamming.

The biggest challenge I had was finding software that I could use to edit the tracks. I had started editing using Adobe Audition on a computer in the Production House and then used the same program on a computer in Schindler… but somehow I didn’t save that work on my drive. :( I planned to go back on campus to get it, but then everything shut down early and the building closed. -__- I had to start editing all over again, but I had to download Audacity to use on my laptop. It took me some serious TIME to figure out how to do everything on there. I even had to ask some of my band director friends about how to adjust some of the tracks because the tutorials were confusing. Once I figured it out, though, it wasn’t that bad.

I would advise other students to make sure that they start working on this way ahead of time to make sure that they have enough time to edit the tracks. If needed, they should be sure to ask someone for help.
Once I figure out how, I'll attach the audio here so you can listen to it.